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Christmas slots worth keeping an eye out for

Who says Christmas Day is for kids? These days there is plenty in store for adults, not least of all when it comes to online casino gaming. It seems that many major developers can’t wait to spread a bit of festive cheer when December rolls around. Every holiday season a slew of new Christmas themed games hit the online casino shelves, but it is safe to that say not every one of them is a winner. In an attempt to separate the good from the bad we have gone through online casino portal after online casino portal. The following are what we feel are the very best Christmas themed online slot games currently available to play – Should you want to try them out for yourself, you can find plenty of casino free spins no deposit required at, especially around Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho

Microgaming currently host the largest selection of festive themed slots, with the franchise title being Ho Ho Ho. It may be one Microgaming’s older titles, but there is no denying that it has done a wonderful job of standing the test the time. Players still flock to this to game whenever Christmas rolls around, largely due to the fact that it delivers some major free spin bonus, plenty of re-triggers, and some truly jolly jackpots.

Jingle Bells

Another game to emerge form Microgaming studios is Jingle Bells, which takes an altogether different approach to gameplay. While Ho Ho Ho is a game driven by fierce action, Jingle Bells is far more laid back. Gameplay is much more relaxing through a classic 3-reel game framework, which puts the focus on payouts rather than in game bonuses. Players looking for a Christmas inspired online casino slot game that has plenty of classic flare should keep an eye out for Jingle Bells this December. If you’re looking for an operator that offers games from Microgaming, you can pick out a casino online at, as most of their recommended sites have their games.

Rudolph’s Revenge

Microgaming may take most of the plaudits when it comes to festive feeling online slot games, but they certainly don’t stand-alone. Those who play at Realtime Gaming (RTG) backed online casinos also have plenty to get stuck into. Kicking things off in such regard is Rudolph’s Revenge, the game that started the dark yet humorous “Revenge…” series of games. Packing in wall-to-wall action, along with plenty of funny, Rudolph’s Revenge makes great use of the 50 paylines it features. Each spin feels more festive than the last, so you can definitely expect this game to get you in the mood for the Christmas Day festivities.

Santa Strikes Back

If one game from the “Revenge…” series isn’t enough to get you in the mood for some festive fun, two should certainly do it. Following on from Rudolph’s Revenge there is Santa Strikes Back. Putting Santa Claus him in the driving seat, this is a game that runs on pure Christmas power. While this game may cut back on the paylines (dropping from 50 to 25), it certainly doesn’t cut back on the entertainment. Santa Claus is coming to not just to town this Christmas, he is coming to the land of online casino gaming through Santa Strikes Back.

Ghosts of Christmas

From the likes of Microgaming and Realtime Gaming to Playtech, it seems that every developer has a soft spot for the Christmas season. Leading the way for Playtech this winter is Ghosts of Christmas. Based upon the classic Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol, players can expect Scrooge and company to pop up on the reels regularly. Plenty of Christmas flavour and a 10,000-coin jackpot to match, Ghosts of Christmas is game that carries with it some serious festive cheer.

Bitcoin online casino gaming explained

For the best part of two decades it is standardised and regulated flat currencies that have enabled players to gamble online. While flat currencies aren’t going to disappear from the landscape, there is competition on the horizon in the form of a growing cryptocurrency. You may have heard of Bitcoin before, as it has certainly captivated online casino portal headlines since its launch. As it attempts to muscle its way into the industry, you are likely to be offered the chance gamble with Bitcoin in the near future. While the techies of the world may have you thinking that Bitcoin online casino gaming is a complicated affair, the reality is that it is anything but. The following looks to explain Bitcoin casino gaming in more detail, giving you all the information needed to get started.

Bitcoin Defined

Bitcoin is a globally used cryptocurrency that operates as virtual money, whose value is determined by any and all supply and demand related to it. It operates completely unregulated and unattached to any world nation or governing body, which means its value it solely determined by those that use it. 21 million Bitcoins are currently in use around the world and are not issued by any treasury and are instead “mined” by users. Bitcoin is available for use all across the World Wide Web and it now looks like certain online casino entities are opening the doors to the currency, allowing players to use it instead of standard flat currencies.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Should you choose to use Bitcoin you need to employ a wallet tool, this will usually take the form of an online or hardware based piece software. Running in a similar fashion to Neteller and PayPal, bitcoin wallets allow you to deposit and withdraw money easily when connected an online casino account. Before you sign-up to a Bitcoin wallet service you must be aware of the fact that most differ in both quality and features. Begin by selecting a casino online at that accepts the Bitcoin currency. Once you have picked out the casino you want to play at, have a look at which types of wallets they accept for deposits and withdrawals and then just go from there.

Fees and Commissions

The key reason as to why Bitcoin is seeing increased use in the world of online casino gaming is because it is free to use. What this means is that all Bitcoin transfers, online casino or otherwise, take place through a peer-to-peer link, so players aren’t left facing fees or commissions. Players can rest easy when using Bitcoin online knowing that they won’t be charged for using it.

Currency Volatility

Bitcoin has plenty going for it when it comes to use within the world of online casino gaming, but there are a few negatives that are holding the cryptocurrency back to an extent. Bitcoin is an unregulated currency, which has a very severe downside. The lack of governmental input has made it somewhat volatile as far as pricing is concerned. Furthering that it seems that major exchange events, such as the Mt Gox collapse, have the potential to rock the foundations of Bitcoin. When you choose to use Bitcoin, you must remember you do so accepting the risks involved.

Exceptional Growth

Bitcoin’s influence in the world of online casino gaming is undoubtedly growing. More and more operators are now accepting the currency, giving players a true alternative to standard “flat” currencies for the first time in history. Bitcoin has the true potential to change the industry, but only time will tell if it can fully realise both its power and its potential.

How JoyCasino became much more than just the flavor of the week

Back in 2015 a flurry of new online casino brands entered the fray, all of them promised big things and eventual industry dominance. Looking back you would struggle name even half of the brands that debuted last year, as there was so many. Luckily, casino portals like will keep you up to date on the latest casino releases. One new name that has been able to outlast many other debutants is JoyCasino. Slowly becoming a popular online casino alternative name, when this name first hit the market was tagged as a “flavor of the week”, somewhat harshly so in many ways. At the time many thought that JoyCasino would be here to today and gone tomorrow, but that certainly wasn’t the case, as JoyCasino seems to have plenty in the tank. JoyCasino has surpassed all initial expectations and deservedly so.

In 2016 JoyCasino represents a completely different animal to what it has in the past, as it is now much more than just another flavor of the week.

Powered by the Best

Any online casino on the planet that has designs on being the very best, needs to make sure that they are backed by developers that knows their stuff. When you think of developers that have reached the pinnacle of the industry, you immediately think of Microgaming and NetEnt, two names that are heavily involved with JoyCasino. Backing this online casino every single step of the way are these two mammoth game makers, which means that entertainment is assured when you play at JoyCasino. For those who are aficionados about online casino gaming, it is in there best interest to know that JoyCasino covers all bases when it comes to online slots. From licensed titles in South Park and Jurassic Park to original games like Blood Suckers and Spinate Grande, it is all here and it is all within arms reach. Another big upside for JoyCasino is how they have addressed video poker. Many online casino names have neglected the format over the years, but not JoyCasino, as they have gone all out to make sure it is included. Through several variations, video poker along with other traditional games, are given pride and place on the JoyCasino roster.

Back for More

These days it isn’t just a case of what you can do for your online casino, but what your online casino can do for you. Not letting that statement fall on deaf ears, JoyCasino have made sure that players have plenty to come back for. The initial welcome bonus really does speak for itself, as players that register at JoyCasino will receive an initial bonus of 200% up to €2000, although you can get an additional 30 free spins at if you register through their links. Offers come thick and fast through a loaded array of different promotions, with bonuses including cashback, comp points, deposit bonuses, free spins, and weekly lotteries. Joining JoyCasino is always going to be a smart move, largely because of how well they take care of both new and already established members.

Cherry on Top

Making the JoyCasino experience near enough perfect are a selection of fool proof and on point customer service and banking options. JoyCasino reps are available 24/7 through live chat, while banking options include credit card, debit card, prepay card, and ewallet.

Joy Personified

JoyCasino may have once been considered a flash in the pan, but not anymore. This online casino name is now a serious contender for online casino supremacy, with more and more players jumping aboard the provider every day. If you join one online casino in 2016, you best make sure that its JoyCasino.